A KPMG survey on adoption projects.

What is the real level of adoption of Cloud in the public sector? What are the challenges to adopt it? To these questions he sought to answer the study “Exploring the Cloud” by KPMG, dedicated to the government sector, developed on the basis of a survey involving 430 public managers in 10 countries.
The study shows how the adoption of Cloud is proceeding more slowly than in the public sector than in the private sector, albeit with a noticeable acceleration in recent months.
If in 2011 only 12% of respondents worked in the fields of public administration expenditure on systems with a cloud of more than 10% of the total annual IT budget, in 2012 the percentage is more than radoppiata, reaching a market share of 28%
In the survey by KPMG, Italy appears to be well represented among the countries that have the highest percentage of investment in the field of Cloud. Among the ten countries surveyed Italy is in second place, preceded and followed by Denmark from Australia.

The aspect of cost reduction is not among the main reasons for choosing the Cloud in public administrations. The survey found that only 50% of respondents expect advantages in this regard and only 28% chose the cloud to restructure substantially the IT operations.
Security issues remain a critical issue for 47% of the respondents: percentule which is higher by 3 points compared to the private sector. Among government agencies larger the percentage of those who fear the problems of security rises to 56%. In general, 80% of respondents would feel safer if they were accompanied by safety certifications of some government agency.
In general, the KPMG Cloud technology is now ripe for the uses in the sphere of public administration that provides improved resource utilization, flexibility and cost reduction. In addition it helps to enable innovation by allowing new services to internal or citizens..


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