The benefits of Cloud

The Cloud not only allows you to reduce IT costs, but free resources and time that can reasonably be reinvested.
This emerges from a study commissioned by Rackspace to research company Vanson Bourne, which involved 1,300 companies located in England and the United States, of which about 300 over a thousand employees, and 1,000 small and medium-sized, in areas as diverse as financial services, retail , IT, manufacturing, professional services, media, logistics, and more.
From the research, emerges as the reduction of costs associated with the use of the Cloud, it is not the primary goal of adoption for the benefit instead of investment in innovation (48%), development of new products and services (45%), development of sales activities (38%).
The research shows that, for 62% Cloud Computing is helping the company to invest more resources in the business.
The cost reduction is estimated to average 23%, mainly thanks to the savings on the infrastructure. 62% of companies would then re-invested the resources freed by Cloud in your business and would help improve the profits of an average of 22%. The marketing appears to be the area of the company that has benefited the most from the resources released.
56% said they use open source technology as part of its strategy Cloud.
Among these, 86% say that the set of open source and Cloud enabled to strengthen the capacity of business and introduce innovation. 68% said they chose open source and Cloud to reduce the costs of use (58%) or for reasons of stability and robustness (45%). According to the study, manufacturing companies are those that have achieved greater economic by the use of the Cloud.

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