Partitioning Table MS-SQL Server 2008.

Starting of 2005 version, was introduced the concept of table partitioning (as in Oracle.) At the time of choosing the type of partitioning, you have to be careful about the choice: LEFT or RIGHT.
From my experience I would recommend to use the partitioning Left, or with values ​​less than the value of partitioning. This must be done in order to release (so then archive or delete) the last partition without data handling (which means that there is no operation of read / write disk, which takes time and resources). This is important to reduce the time and easier operation.
But be careful when using the LEFT partitioning with a date field with a DATETIME type. You must put a date value as in the following example: “20121231 23:59:59.997”, so be certain to take all values ​​less than that date.

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